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We were initially approached by Sharon (the powerhouse behind Decology) with the idea of creating an online platform where home owners can meet interior designers, interact and deliver a design completely online. Since the business was still conceptual when we joined the team, we were in charge of creating an MVP (minimal viable product), bring it to market as soon as possible to prove the concept.

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Our Approach

Our first step was researching other marketplaces and working closely with the entrepreneur discussing potential business models, technologies, growth and launch techniques.

The platform was developed and designed using the most advanced marketplace components at the time, delivering a basic solution to test the market with a “Stage 2” in mind for when the concept is proven.

The Result

Shortly after the launch we started attracting media attention, featuring the new platform on some of the biggest publications in the UK.

Even though new competition soon followed, over the years Decology have become the biggest platform in the UK for online interior design.

Our businesses grew together as their team and ours expanded becoming friends in the process. We’re still working closely with the Decology team on a daily basis providing support, maintenance and creating new features for this incredible platform.

Decology 2.0

Now that the concept was proven and a couple of years of learning from our users and industry, we launched Decology 2.0.

This included an extensive rebrand and a complete rebuild of the platform, full of new technologies and with a fresh new look, to allow users to utilise interactive 3D models of their design right within their own room.

Combined with advanced eCommerce capabilites to manage the entire platfrom.

Decology 2018

Decology 2015

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