Danit Peleg – The first bespoke 3D printed garment in the world


Danit Peleg

The first ever bespoke 3D printed garment

Danit approached us after working on her idea for 6 months with another agency with no clear results ahead. As one of the world’s most influential conceptual fashion designer, Danit created the first 3D printed collection. Inspiring the idea that one day we will all simply download designs and print our clothes at home (Incredible, right?).

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The Concept

The idea was allowing users to create a bespoke jacket with an online 360° design tool, send in their measurements and receive their own 3D printed jacket delivered to their door.

Since her first website was built on Square Space that doesn’t allow any of the tools needed for the project, we also incorporated her own portfolio website into the platform to feature her public speaking events, fashion shows and exhibitions around the world.

Our Approach

The first thing we did was inspecting the previous agency’s work so far to see what we can use and save some costs for Danit. Their approach was to incorporate a true 3D file for the visual editor. While this was a very innovative and interesting approach, the files were more than 50MB in size resulting at a few minutes of load time with fast connections and crashed screens on mobile devices.
We also recognised that there wasn’t a CMS installed to allow Danit to manage her site on her own adding content and managing orders.

We decided to start from scratch and recreate the platform on a content management system and replacing the heavy true 3d file with a 360 view inspired by high end jewellery displays, to alleviate load times.

The Result

Within days of the new website’s launch, it was featured on some of the biggest publications in the world, the cost of the website was recouped soon after and all is good with the world.

We’re still working with Danit maintaining her website and already discussing the next adventure.

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