ALEH – Multilingual website, ecommerce and crowd funding platforms for an international charity.



Multilingual website, ecommerce and crowd funding platforms for an international charity.

ALEH had just finished rebranding but were still working with the same website since around 2009. Over time it became patchy with different technologies and plenty of potential security breaches. The charity has grown over time but the website remained very basic for the amount of content they were adding on a weekly basis. We stepped in to redesign the site to fit the new branding in 4 languages, redesign it to fit the new branding and migrate more than 10,000 posts and more than 100k media items. We were also asked to tackle the website speed which took more than 15 seconds to load.

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Our Approach

We started by restructuring the entire architecture of the site to create different subjects to fit the different content types (Team members, news, testimonials, products, donations, press items and others).
We recreated their donation gathering flow to allow multiple tracking and management tools to match their current logistic structure.

Using the new branding sheet we redesigned every significant page upgrading the visuals along with focusing on the reason the charity came to be – Helping disabled children and enriching their quality of life.

The Result

Within 6 months after launching the new website, online donations have grown more than 150% recouping the cost of the site within the first 2 months.

This inspired ALEH to continue building their online presence with us adding 2 new bespoke crowdfunding platforms to allow kind people in the community raise funds for the charity completely online.

Over the past year, we joined the ALEH family working with them on a daily basis adding new features, maintaining the site, adding more languages and tackling bugs.

We feel blessed being a part of this amazing charity and extremely proud of their growth and continued collaboration.


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