Danit Peleg

The world’s first bespoke 3D printed garment

Danit approached us after working on her idea for 6 months with another agency with no clear results ahead. As one of the world’s most influential conceptual fashion designer, Danit created the first 3D printed collection. Inspiring the idea that one day we will all simply download designs and print our clothes at home (Incredible, right?).

The idea was allowing users to create a bespoke jacket with an online 360° design tool, send in their measurements and receive their own 3D printed jacket delivered to their door.

Since her first website was built on Square Space that doesn’t allow any of the tools needed for the project, we also incorporated her own portfolio website into the platform to feature her public speaking events, fashion shows and exhibitions around the world.

Here’s what we did


The biggest plaform in the UK for online interior design

We were approached by Sharon (the powerhouse behind Decology) with the idea of creating an online platform where home owners can meet interior designers, interact and deliver a design completely online. Since the business was still conceptual when we joined the team, we were in charge of creating an MVP (minimal viable product), bring it to market as soon as possible to prove the concept.

Here’s what we did


Multilingual website, ecommerce and crowd funding platforms for an international charity

ALEH had just finished rebranding but were still working with the same website since around 2009. Over time it became patchy with different technologies and plenty of potential security breaches. The charity has grown over time but the website remained very basic for the amount of content they were adding on a weekly basis. We stepped in to redesign the site to fit the new branding in 4 languages, redesign it to fit the new branding and migrate more than 10,000 posts and more than 100k media items. We were also asked to tackle the website speed which took more than 15 seconds to load.

Here’s what we did