Who We Are

Based in London UK, working on local and international projects, we provide our clients with a range of services to fulfil the business’s web and graphic design needs.

Our ever growing team (8 members – June 2017) consists of graphic and web designers making sure that every pixel is right on point while paving the user flow to be smooth and extra friendly, just like our responsive designs (mobile friendly websites) that make sure users AND Google are on our side.

Our development team is in charge of the heavy lifting creating custom features, themes and plugins for WordPress based sites.
Allowing us to engage in exciting and complex projects such as marketplaces, crowdfunding, social platforms or pretty much any bright idea our clients come up with.

With a team of trusted partners to support the team with creative and engaging copywriting, explainer and product videos, social media and Adwords marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solutions, we are the last call you need to make for you to accomplish your next project!

  • Vito and his team at Ace Digital are creative, professional and fun to work with!

    Moshe Ventura Avatar Moshe Ventura
  • I invest in startups, as well as consulting for tech SMEs. When I need a simple MVP, a business-card site, or a generic SaaS sales site, Ace Digital is my first call. They’re ideal for producing simple, functional sites with a minimum of fuss.

    Andrew Lockley Avatar Andrew Lockley
  • Great service by great people

    Shaiel Haizar Aharoni Avatar Shaiel Haizar Aharoni
  • We have worked with ACE for over 2.5 years, from inception to scale up. We have a very complicated website and the guys at ACE just well ACEd it (no pun intended). You will not find a more responsive team, it is always a pleasure working with them.

    Sharon Costi Avatar Sharon Costi
  • .Vito and the team are very professional, Patient and creative

    they made my website, logo and products tags and i'm very happy with !the result! Highly recommended!

    Maayan Peleg Avatar Maayan Peleg
  • At Ace Digital we have found exactly what we have been looking for, after geting ripped off by our previous website developer and then being forgotten about as soon as the process was complete, it is almost a shock as to how good Ace have been. For our business that can't afford to designate someone fulltime to look after our advertisment etc is is very handy have Ace able to cover all of our advertising/websites needs. Vito is great to work with and makes sure that he undertands your business and its needs before making a proposal, highly reccomend!+

    Edward Syed Avatar Edward Syed
  • I work for a very large non-profit and we have a number of websites. I have worked with MANY companies in the past and bless the day we found Ace!! They are seriously the best in the business. Super fast turn around time! customer service goes above and beyond all day, everyday! Vito and his team are the simply amazing! Great people, great service, professional and accurate - what else can you ask for! Thank you Vito and the entire Ace team!

    Dov Hirth Avatar Dov Hirth
  • I have worked with Vito on a few projects and can say without a doubt that it has been a positive experience. Throughout our website development, he gave us advice and listened attentively to what we wanted and how we wanted it. This attention to detail and hands on approach put us at ease. Working with Ace Digital is a joy, their hard working nature means that you are always guaranteed to get top notch work, on time, every time.

    Gabriel Marquez Avatar Gabriel Marquez
  • I used ace digital services and I guarantee that I work with them again I love the job great service professional and personal service for quality and details for every aspect of my needs for my business Very creative and great design I definitely recommend for someone that looks For quality and professional services Thanks Ronen

    Ronen Nir Avatar Ronen Nir
  • Thank you for the beautiful, professional innovative website you build for me! It's was such a pleasure to work with Vito and the amazing team of Ace Digital! Keep up with the great work you do!

    Danit Peleg Avatar Danit Peleg
  • We've been working with Ace Digital for a few years now and it has been an absolute pleasure! They are super professional and very responsive, highly recommended !

    Lev Properties Avatar Lev Properties
  • Before finding Ace Digital we used a freelance developer to (try) to create our bespoke website, according to designs and branding that had been tailor-made for us. The developer took 6 months and the end result was so far off the original design work that we had to scrap the site and start from scratch! Luckily we were recommended Ace Digital, who built our amazing site in a matter of weeks. They created a fully responsive version of our site that worked perfectly on every screen size, and even improved a lot of the design work! It’s rare to find a team that are masters at both design and development, and can do both for you for a VERY reasonable price. With Ace Digital, you’ve just found them.

    Konrad Sanders Avatar Konrad Sanders
  • We worked closely with Vito at Ace Digital to develop the Coursevine website. Vito always knew what he was doing and was extremely helpful and patient at all times. As a result, the site was completed within one month. In spite of completion, Ace Digital are always on hand to assist whenever issues arise or if I need to learn something new about the site. I would definitely recommend working with Ace Digital for your web development/ design needs and hope to work with them again in the future. Thanks Vito!

    Lily Odogwu Avatar Lily Odogwu
  • .Vito and the team are very professional, Patient and creative they made my website, logo and products tags and i'm very happy with !the result! Highly recommended

    מעיין פלג Avatar מעיין פלג
  • Best customer service ever! Not only are these guys the best to work with, but when I made a major error, and made our entire homepage disappear (and was totally freaking out) I just gave Vito a call and within less than 30 seconds he sorted the whole thing out. Major thumbs up for Vito and his team!

    Nitzan Regev Avatar Nitzan Regev

We’re always looking for interesting, challenging projects to take part of and make sure we and our clients take pride in the results.

About Roi Vitorio Peleg

You can call me Vito.

I started my design journey when I was 14 years old, exploring the new found options of the World Wide Web and using basic HTML to design small projects like a fan website for my favorite show at the time, South Park, or a website for my skateboarding crew; as well as designing basic flyers, stickers and T-shirts for the bands I played in. Studying the fundamentals of art gave me the basic understanding of how to create strong compositions and choosing complementing pallets.

Prior to coming to London I studied business development and consultation, while attending Music college, as well as taking various certificate courses in online marketing, affiliate programs, the stock market, real-estate, email marketing and social media management.
During these busy years, I sharpened my design skills on various graphic and web design projects as a freelancer.

The education and experience I gathered prior to Ace Digital London, help me and my clients every day as unlike other designers, a good understanding of business development and marketing leads to more defined and converting results. Whether we’re working on a flyer for one of our ongoing clients or building a platform for an exciting new startup that needs a technical “partner” on their side.

I first came to London to pursue a musical career but quickly found myself designing catalogues and adverts for companies like H&M and Tommy Hilfiger, designing 10 issues of a 50 page monthly magazine (Alondon), as well as building a new client base, creating websites in various industries like services, fashion, real estate and others. All while touring around the UK and Europe 4 times a year with my band at the time, when every van sit or backstage bar table (and sometimes broom cabinet) turned into my little office on the road.

After 3 years, more than 100 websites and countless of graphic design projects, it was time to start expanding the business so that I can keep my ongoing and new clients satisfied and coming back for more.

Today, with more than 200 websites launched and an ever-expanding agency, I’m privileged to be pitching our expertise for your business too – I would love to hear about your project and to help you grow your business online.

In-house + Remote + Partners

Here at Ace Digital London we adopted a unique model that combines the advantages in each business model to bring solid, tailor made and cost effective solutions for us and our clients.

Management, Concepts & Designs

Our in-house team in North West London, UK is in charge of project management, graphic and web design, user support, concepts and ideas, user experience, user interface and billing. And of course, making sure all our clients are happy and inspired for the next joint project.

Web Development

While the team leader is with us in London, our senior development team is working remotely from our designated office in the Silicon Valley of India – Ahmedabad. Writing high-quality hand made PHP code and allowing us to provide our clients with affordable ongoing development costs and amazing results.

Our Partners

We understand that a business owner has his own business to run and rarely has time to scout for the right copywriter or online marking supplier. This is why we partnered with more than 20 business that can complement the next steps of your project or business.

Want to talk about your project?