A facebook page design for Lilac Sheer

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A facebook page design for Lilac Sheer

We actually did both the website and the facebook page for Lilac.
It was a real plesure working with this her.
She is so comitted to her music it’s inspiring and we tried to incorparate it into the the design. Giving her a proffesional website like she deserves.

We’re handling her all campaign giving her online image a total makeover.
Apart from designing her website, we handled the designs for her Facebook page, Twitter account (As well as a monthly campaign to increase her followers), BandCamp page and we will be doing her digital distribution, making sure her album is available on more than 90 online shops including, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify.

This project:

  • Cover photo
  • Profile pic
  • Custom made app for redirecting front page from website.
  • Custom made app for embeding twitter feed.
  • Custom made app for embeding Instagram feed.
  • Custom made app for embeding YouTube feed.
  • Embeding BandCamp page.
  • Buttons design.

Click the images to go to the page:



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